ATA, India is proud to present all time famous CETA Certificate course in Technical Analysis. This course goes beyond covering the concepts of technical tools and seeks to include even elements such as Context analysis, Trade selection, Risk address, Software usage etc., that are equally important along with analysis of the markets. The course will consist of over 40 hours of training instructions delivered thru convenient week end class (Saturday and Sunday) and will cover all the major topics in technical analysis such as:

 This course is divided into four modules

Module-1-  Introduction to Financial Market: 1. The importance of Markets in the 21st Century 2. Macro Finance

Module-2- Essential Technical Tools: 3. Foundation of Technical Analysis  4. Charts Patterns  5. Trend and Pattern Analysis 6. Trend Following

Module-3- Trading Tactics: 7. Algorithmic Trading and System Testing 8. Mean Reversion Strategy and Indicator 9. Techniques & Tactics of Investment

Module-4- Managing Client Accounts: 10. Risk Management 11. Portfolio Management 12. Stock Market Discipline and Rules

13. Case Studies 

Who should attend this course?

·         Anyone who is interested in the subject of technical analysis and wants to learn it in detail.

·         Students of Finance, seeking a career in market research- for Equity, Commodity and Currency segments.

·         Sub-brokers and Franchisees who wish to add value to their clients thru technical research.

·         Employees of Brokers, Mutual Funds who want to elevate the levels of service and value additions to their clients.

·         Active investors and Traders who wish to improve their performances in the markets and achieve greater returns in their investing and trading portfolios.

·         HNIs who should look for maximizing profit potential thru intelligent shifting of asset classes on proactive basis using market timing

·         Options traders who need confirmation through Technical Analysis of their view on market trend and turn dates.

How will I benefit by attending this course?

·         Upon completion of the course, you will have a good understanding of the technical analysis process and will know why it is an important element in financial planning and execution.

·         You will get an ability to interact with the market for Any Time Frame of your choice- whether it would be intraday or end of the day or multiple days and weeks or even multi month positions.

·         You will be able to improve your results of Long Term Investing using technical analysis in addition to the fundamental analysis used for stock selection.

·         You will be able to engage in a series of short to medium term investing during the momentum phases of the market trends.

·         You will be able to participate profitably in Declining markets and not be confined to just bull market phases.

·         You will be able to construct active investment portfolios that help you get much better returns from the markets.

·         You will be able to get jobs as Technical analysts in reputed firms.

·         You can work as a Freelance consultant for your own set of clients to earn handsome income.

·         You can be an Expert in Multiple Asset classes such as Equities, Futures, Commodities, and Currencies as the format of technical analysis is almost the same across different markets.

·         You will be able to Analyse and Forecast any financial market in the world! This can open up opportunities across the globe for you!

·         As you can see, the benefits are enormous and numerous! The best part is that you can be completely independent after learning this form of market analysis and lead your own business, working from the comforts of your home too!